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Vinyl/Nitrile Blend Gloves

FDA 510k Registration: See 510k

Quality Standards: ASTM D6319 / ASTM D5250 ; fully compliant with AQL2.5 standard (aka “medical-grade”).

Latex-Free & Hypoallergenic:

Thickness: Minimum 3 mil

Available Sizes:
S, M, L, XL
(availability of each size varies)

Available Colors: Blue

Pure Nitrile Gloves

FDA 510k Registration: See 510k

Quality Standards: ASTM D6319, EN 455, AQL 1.5 (aka “medical-grade”).

Latex-Free & Hypoallergenic:

Thickness: Minimum 3.5 mil

Available Sizes:
S, M, L, XL
(availability of each size varies)

Available Colors: Blue


Yes. Every factory we work with has all applicable industry and government certifications. In fact, every customer requests to see our factory certifications prior to submitting their purchase orders (POs). This creates a built-in, industry-standard mechanism for quality control and accountability.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic (Feb-April), there were a relatively small number of factories that were temporarily blocked from exporting certain
PPE products. Those blocks were primarily performed by the Chinese Government to prevent fraudulent Chinese companies from selling unregistered medical supplies. Since those early days, both the Chinese and US
Governments have implemented much more strict and efficient import/export controls on PPE along with more coherent guidance on the steps that exporters must take to ensure their goods are delivered into US markets
without interruption.

This depends on the customer’s requirements in the PO. For large orders, many customers pick up the cargo at the bonded Customs warehouse near the sea/air port. Then they pay for the domestic shipping to their own facilities. However, some customers want the cargo shipped directly to their facilities. If the order is fulfilled from inventory that’s already in one of our warehouses, then the customer has the option to inspect it first and then arrange the shipping themselves; or they may request us to arrange the shipping. In those cases, we bill the customer separately for the shipping.

When the cargo is at the Customs warehouse, the warehouse operator is bonded and has a legal and fiduciary duty to protect the cargo. The same is true if the cargo is in one of our own warehouses. En route from the factory, the shipping carrier’s liability insurance and other shipping insurance protect us from financial losses caused by accidents, theft, etc.

Medical-grade gloves need to meet the AQL 1.5/2.5 standard (the “pinhole test”). Non-medical-grade gloves do not have this requirement. All our factories’ gloves are produced in compliance with the AQL 1.5/2.5 standard.

Some medical supply factories ship products that are technically in compliance with all applicable medical-grade standards, but they include a “non-medical” tag inside the packaging to avoid delays at Customs. (We don’t have any control over this.) This occurs a lot during pandemics because end-buyers often need the product quickly, but any product that contains “medical-grade” on the packaging goes into a secondary Customs

inspection process, which can take weeks. In situations like this when we are dealing with highly reputable factories, and when stakeholders understand that there is no technical difference between the medical-grade and non-medical-grade versions, they usually agree that there is no rational reason to endure the long delays and potential loss of life due to supply shortages associated with unnecessary secondary inspections.

Finally, one of the reasons we only work with high-quality factories that produce billions of gloves per year is because we know they have a lot to lose if they were to be accused of false statements and bad quality control. We also have strong legal contracts with our factories, which include provisions for quick product replacement and/or refunds if/when we encounter quality control issues. (This has never been a problem with any of our high-quality factories.) This makes the process of working with us and our factories as reliable and safe as possible.

Nitrile/vinyl blend and pure nitrile medical exam gloves are required to comply with different ASTM standards because they’re produced with

different materials. However, both standards are designed to ensure similar strong protection and performance characteristics. Specifically, ASTM D5250 applies to nitrile blend gloves and ASTM D6319 applies to pure nitrile gloves. All of Gini’s gloves comply with their respective ASTM medical exam glove standards, which can be confirmed by referring to the respective standards published by the ASTM organization and comparing their specifications with the technical specifications for gloves provided earlier in this document.

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These FDA 510k-registered examination gloves are produced by several well-established factories, including Hongray, HuaYuan and BestSafe. Each of these factories was selected based on their decades of

proven experience producing PPE products, strong quality control protocols and geographical diversity to reduce the impact of supply shortages caused by natural disasters or government-related policies.

Collectively, these factories produce over 30 billion nitrile gloves per year. We have ongoing allocations and multiple contracts directly from these factories. This eliminates the risk of supplier fraud and gives us the ability to deliver a reliable supply of high-quality gloves to our most loyal customers and stakeholders.

  • Total Units Available: 105 million boxes (100 pieces per box)
  • Delivery Schedule: We receive 2-3 shipments (dozens of containers) per month from each factory.
  • Available Discounts: Purchase orders (POs) for 1 million or more boxes with long-term purchase contract and deposit may be eligible for discounts.
  • Payment Terms: PO from qualified customer; 100% payment for each shipment released to us after customer’s approved inspection of cargo.

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